I'm IT consultant for law enforcement agencies in different countries around the world. There are few companies leading the market of software applications for law enforcement. In the specific field of software to aid police investigations, there are really few applications available, whose cost is several thousand dollar per user/seat licence. The GUI used in those application is primitive compared to the way The Brain works. (To my knowledge) The Brain doesn't have the intelligence functionality to automatically create the "connections/links" between entities, based on some criteria that can be defined by the user, but still is a great tool to "visualize" the information collected during an investigation. I do an example:

The police is investigating a group of criminals. I can create a Brain for my investigation. I start creating some main thoughts (I keep it simple): "People", "Locations", "Criminal Activities", "Phone Records". Under "people" I start creating thoughts, one per each person that is investigated. Under "locations" I can put a thought for each location I am surveying (a bar, a restaurant, a club, etc), under "criminal activities" I can list things like prostitution, drug dealing, robberies, etc. I leave the "phone records" for later, tho it is more both complicated but interesting. I can start linking names of people with the bar and clubs people use to hang out in. Immediately if I select a bar, I can see who must know who (tho they hang out in the same place), so I can create links from one person to the other. If a person hang out in two different places, he can be the link between a group of people and another. I can link the crimes typology committed by the people I know about, and I can easily understand how those that hang out with the one person I know about are easily committing the same typology of crime. Creating a search-able thought/repository with word documents (reports of police officers, witness reports, etc), linked to the people and the locations they refer to, I can easily pull out the correct information I may need to do my investigation (I select a club, I can see the people that hang out there, what is the most common crime committed by the criminals that hang out there, I can read documentation related to those crimes/people/locations and easily build my brain with more detailed links and thoughts.

It would be GREAT if the brain was offering this functionality (I am not able to do that yet): save the position of the thought when I close the brain (every time I open the application, all the positions get lost! If this was possible, I could use as background the map of the city, for a special brain, and put the thought of the people where their home actually is, the thoughts of the clubs where they are actually located, and see the links. I could automatically see that a person lives next door to another person, etc...
(I stop here, I made some SIMPLE and REDUCTIVE example, the actual use is/could be much more extensive!)

Importing/reading data from an external source, such as a database. If I could provide the brain with data from an external source I could, for example, automatically put the thoughts in a specified position (with a parser, knowing the geographical coordinates of an address, the thought of a person could be directly located on his house, when in the background there is a map), but here is what would be the best use for the brain: Phone Record analysis!

Investigations are driven 90% by phone records (I can post this here because it is not a secret...) Phone company provide the police with the list of phone calls made and received by a phone number. Let say I am investigating 10 people. I ask the phone record of the last 4 months of phone calls made by the 10 of them (to make it simple let's pretend they have 1 phone number each). If I could already tell the brain how to link items (thoughts) between them, I could prepare a basic intelligence (1 thought per phone number, linked to the other 9 phone numbers, with a label in each link saying how many phone calls incurred between those 2 numbers, and maybe change color/thickness of the link based on the quantity of phone calls). I could see immediately who is the boss (everyone calls him, and he contact everyone else many times), who are the people working together, etc.

Well, this post is long enough already. Do someone has already experience in using the brain for such things? I would love to get in touch with whoever has some experience to share!

Roberto Capodieci
We are doing some interesting stuff with government agencies mapping out "persons of interest" databases and concept profiling key information. Let's discuss further. If you would like a Web demo of this application email or give me a call at TheBrain...

Sounds like you are doing some interesting stuff I'd love to chat further...
Hello! I was actually waiting to be contacted by Tracy and/or you about this possibility... I will be more than happy in giving my support to both "customize" the application and to resell it at least in the Italian market.

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