I have a few quick questions for TheBrain Team about TheBrain 8 Web Client:
(1) When do you plan to shut down public access to TheBrain 8
(2) If the exact time frame for turning off TB8 webbrain has not yet been determined, how much lead time do you plan to provide to TheBrain community before shutting down

The reason I ask is that at some point last year the option to create new accounts on the was turned off (as far as I understand) without any advance notification or warning. This means that access to private shared brains created on TB8 webbrain is now no longer available to new users.

In light of this, I am hoping there would not be a similar unannounced shutdown of the public portion of TB8 I am also wondering:
> Would it be feasible to provide at least 6 months lead time through a public announcement here in this forum before shutting down the public
> Is it safe to assume TB8 webbrain will NOT be shut down until the functionality and performance currently available in TB8 webbrain will also be available in the new TB10 web client?
Just now found this older post from Harlan (11.07.17)  suggesting that TB8 web client would probably remain operational for "at least a couple of years" after the launch of TB9.

Since TB9 launched in February of 2018, this 2-year time frame would mean TB8 web brain could conceivably be shut down about this time next year.

Will be interested to know:
(1) what the current projection is on this time frame
(2) how much lead time (notification) will be provided and
(3) how many of TB8 web brain features will be brought forward into TB10 web client.
To be perfectly clear, there are currently NO plans to shut down the v8 server.  No projected date has been set.  Yes, we do want and encourage people to migrate to v10 and start syncing to, but we also recognize that many Brain users are still syncing and accessing So we certainly won't be pulling the plug in the middle of the night.  

Thank you for posting the question and concern. I'll be sure to share with the team that if/when the time does come, we'll give existing v8 users as much lead time as possible.

Thank you, Matt. Very much appreciate (1) your update on the current plans to keep the webbrain operational and (2) your support in working with TheBrain team to provide as much lead time as possible before disabling this valuable service.

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