I have a question about the licensekey. I have PB installed on my work laptop (Windows XP) and home desktop (Linux). I have installed the licensekey on both and they are working fine.

At home I use also my work laptop for browsing the web and checking mail and I made a seperate user account for doing that. Seperating the work files and home files.

When I log in to my work laptop with my workaccount it is working correctly but when I log in with my homeaccount (on my work laptop) PB is in evaluation mode. I tried to install the licensekey again but the registration fails and I get a message that my key is flagged for trying to install on to many machines.

Is it possible to use one license key instance for two useraccounts on the same machine? I have not found anything about this in the forum.

Thanks in advance.

Jeroen Roeterd

I noticed similar behavior.

Your PersonalBrain license is for your individual usage only and therefore it is associated with your user account. This is also necessary due to security restrictions of the OS. If you are using PersonalBrain on a single computer but under more than 1 account, you will need to enter the license information each time separately on each account. If you encounter difficulties in activation due to too many activations, contact us at support@thebrain.com, let us know that you are installing on multiple user accounts, and we will help you complete the activation process.


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