Tested for parent, child and jump thoughts:

Precondition, in my example:
  • thought "2016, tax" exists, has a type X
  • thought "2017, tax" does NOT exist yet

Activate a thought T
  • Press Alt-Cmd-'Cursor up' to create parent thought (or ..'Cursor left' for jump thought, or ..'Cursor down' for child thought)
  • --> thought creation dialog opens
  • enter "2016 tax"
  • press cursor down to select "2016, tax"
  • --> name of new thought changes to "2016, tax"
  • edit the name, change "2016" to "2017"
  • press cmd-y to list types
  • --> just for information, that's ok and correct: (new!) thought is untyped
  • --> set type to Y
  • Press return
  • --> T is linked to existing thought "2016, tax" (with type X)
  • --> no new thought "2017, tax" is created.


Thanks for posting.  Everything seemed to work on my first Windows test.  Moving over to macOS...


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