I would like to link a pdf to a thought and would like the internal Pdf-Viewer of TheBrain to open the pdf-file on a certain page (e.g. page 447)

Does anyone know, if this is possible?

Thanks in advance

My guess is that is not possible because I doubt the brain would recognize internal PDF bookmarks. If all you need for that thought is a specific page or group of pages, you might consider extracting those pages from the larger document
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FWIW, I just now figured out a workaround for doing this in TB8 with a PDF that's hosted online, external to TB8.

(I'm hoping we'll eventually have the option of doing this sort of thing in TB9, but this functionality is not currently available in TB9.)

I realize this is probably NOT what you need, but if you're interested, just let me know and I can provide the details.
Dear metta,

your workaround could be exactly what I need. My pdfs are external (links to thoughts), the pdfs are local and online (onedrive). 

So I would be very happy to get a short description of your solution.

Thanks in advance

Thanks for your feedback, Christian.

Before sharing the details on my work-around, I wanted to confirm a few details:

My work-around involves creating a custom link to the desired page of the PDF in the thought note
> For this reason, this page link will NOT open in the internal viewer in TB9. (Don't know if this location is critical for you, or not.)
> Instead, the link will open either in your browser or in a new desktop window, depending on:
-- (1) how you create the link and
-- (2) where you access the link.

So far my PDF page link only works in 2 places:
> TB8 Desktop
> TB8 Web Brain

I've continued to test and tweak this work-around in TB9, but I'm still not sure if it will work there or not
> I thought I successfully created a working link in a note TB9, but TB9 just now crashed, so I don't know if this was a coincidence or a problem I created.
> Even if I can successfully create this link in TB9 note, the link will only work in the desktop version of TB9 since links in TB9 thought notes in the web client are not currently working.

I've only tested the work-around with PDFs hosted directly on the web.
> Additional testing may be needed, but the work-around doesn't seem to work on items hosted in Dropbox, so I don't know if it will work on documents stored in OneDrive.

The workaround will NOT work with PDFs stored locally or in TheBrain.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Right now I need to focus on reporting and troubleshooting my recent crash in TB9.

However, if you are still interested in testing my work-around, in spite of all the aforementioned limitations, just let me know and I'll be glad to share the code. (It's very simple.)

In addition, if you are willing to share a link to a public document in OneDrive, I can try testing it to see if this linking strategy will also work with PDFs in OneDrive. (Private PDFs on OneDrive may or may not behave the same way.)
Ok, Christian....

Here's a draft summary of the PDF linking options I've come up with so far.

There are quite a few limitations on what can currently be done in TB9, so I don't know if any of these options will work for you.

Will be interested to know what you think -- and, of course, if you have any questions, please let me know.
-- This is just a preliminary draft, which may need additional editing/clarification.
-- In addition, I'd still be glad to test a public OneDrive PDF, if you have one you'd like to share.

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