It would be useful to be able to link to thoughts in another Brain. This would mean that one Brain could be used to house information that can be accessed from other Brains. For instance a Brain containing a company structure or personal contact details could be used as a base from which Brains set up for particular projects could source project team member details. 
This feature is already available, sort of, even though you can't create links across Brains in the same way that you can within a Brain.

Right-click a Thought and select "Copy Local Thought URL" then go to another Brain and "Paste Web Link", which will add the link to the active Thought.
This will allow to click a URL attachment in the second Brain and go to a Thought in the first Brain.
If you wish, you can first duplicate the original Thought and paste it into the other Brain and then add the link.

The link will be only one way so if you want to be able to go from the first Brain to the second Brain, you'll have to repeat the process.

Steven, perhaps you're asking for a simpler, more intuitive way of linking across Brains by dragging a thought from one Brain to another.

This is a definitely needed feature, I absolutely agree with @Steven.

@Cerebrum, thank you for sharing, that is a useful mean to connect the other Brain.

Still, it would be great to have an easier mean and an opportunity to connect Brains and change Brains by following those links.  It would be also good that the links would preserve when a Brain would move from local storage to the cloud. In case the connected brain is local, or access is restricted, the user could be informed of that.

One possible way to do so without a negative impact on performance is to allow importing several Thoughts from the other Brain and use those as anchors. The importing can be implemented as dragging as you, @Cerebrum, suggested.  

Each Thought in TheBrain has both a Local Thought URL and a Web Thought URL... so you can make links to both from one Brain to another if you'd like.



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