I just noticed that I can specify a Link Type for the link between a Thought and a Type or a Tag.

Interesting. Ã°Å¸Ëœâ€¢

I'm wondering if there's a useful application for this feature.

Any suggestions?
The Brain to me is somewhat like legos for your mind. It provides the external pieces and its up to you to put them together in a way that makes sense. I personally do not do a whole lot of link types because I just haven't really implimented that into any of my brains, but I have dabbled a little bit with it. Typically if I want to add information as to why exactly two thoughts are related other than the typical parent/child/jump idea, I will add a type to the link and color code it to something that makes sense as a visual clue to me as well as going into the notes section and makeing a notation to elaborate on it so that later I have something to refer too if for some reason the visual que doesn't immediatly make sense.

Maybe some others have more specific examples of how that can be useful which I would also be interested in reading.
@Cerebrum ~

I have not yet experimented with using link types between thoughts and a type or a tag.

However, 2 immediate applications come to mind for items that might have a "pending" tag:
> Use the link type to indicate which person, decision or development you are waiting on
> Use the link type to indicate a note has been included in the link providing more details about the pending situation.

Similarly a link type to a "warning" tag could provide more details/context about why the "warning" tag has been added.

In fact, the more I think about it, the more I suspect specific link types could be used to provide important context for ANY type/tag relationship.

Another completely different use of link types (along with link notes and link attachments) might be to include "administrative" information that you would not want to be visible in a brain shared via email, since private thoughts in these shared brains will no longer be hidden.

Thanks, Cerebrum, for encouraging us to give this some thought.

The big limitation to using link types at this point is they are not yet searchable (I think), but this may have already been submitted as a feature request (?) -- and once we can search on link types, then I think using them more freely to provide visual info in the plex along with added info in the notes and attachments could prove to be quite beneficial, especially for private information and/or administrative details.

@Brian ~

I think Cerebrum was actually asking about the use of link types between thoughts/types and thoughts/tags, rather than between thoughts/thoughts.

However, your recommendation about using link types to provide context about the connection is the same conclusion I eventually came to in thinking about these other types of link relationships.

FWIW, additional details about my own use of link types for thought/thought relationships in my megabrain is available here, in case you are interested:
> Link Options



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