If there is no calendar integration in V9, what happens with all the linked Google Calendar dates and information from V8? All lost? This would be a big desaster for me...!

I see there is a lot of discussion about calendar integration. What I´m not finding is a detailed explanation why not? A strategic decision or a technical decision or...?

At the moment TheBrain is a closed system, but digital life today is more and more organized mobile, online and in collaboration with others. Apps are connected together with tools like Zapier, IF and others to get a productive workflow. As I see, until today,  V9 is the best on a desktop, offline and for a single user. So it is not possible to organize private and business life only with Smartphone and Tablet, either on Android or iOS. You need a Windows or Mac machine, because TheBrain is the bottleneck...

Hopefully we see some steps more in this direction! The coming Inbox is a first step...

Currently, the decision to withhold the calendar is a technical one.  We have not ruled out bringing the calendar back in the future, and it is still an active discussion within the team.

You hit an important note: Android, iOS, inbox... there is still much more to come that will further improve the v9 experience.

I'll compose a feature request for you to preserve the calendar content in the Notes when importing from v8.

Thank you,

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