Hi - I am using version PB on an iMac under Catalina v 10.15.4 and I want to link an existing folder in Finder to a thought in PB. There is a button for linking to a file but I've not been able to make this work with a folder.

I can add a folder to PB and access it from the thought but this does not give me access to the folder in Finder, only to a new folder located in a GUID in the Brains folder under my user ID. Finding this in Finder is difficult without recording the GUID somewhere.

I want to be able to add files to the folder without having to open the Brain, yet still be able to access the updated folder when working within the Brain.

I recall there were virtual folder in earlier versions of the Brain that did allow this behaviour - is there a way to achieve this under this version?

I checked the v 11 manual and searched the forum but found no reference to this feature.

Assistance appreciated
Hello. Thanks for posting. To link a folder to a thought, drag and drop the folder from finder while holding down Ctrl so that the "link arrow" appears on the cursor. You can drop on an existing thought or create a new thought in this manner. There is a pending feature request outstanding to enable doing this via a button also.
Thanks Harlan - exactly what I needed.


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