Hello fellow Brainiacs


I am hoping some smart soul can help me with this.


I am using The Brain as a controlled vocabulary, and when The Brain is new, I use the semi-colon trick to bulk load values. However, as my Brain gets older I want to make sure I am not duplicating thoughts I already have.


I am looking for a way to do the following:


Copy the GUID from an existing thought (I do this in Details)

Find a list of existing thoughts that I want to Link

Copy the GUIDs from that collection

Give The Brain a command that says: the GUID on the left side of a symbol has a relationship to the list on the right as: Children / Parents / Jumps


So '100-48-X-012'  (GUID 0D64AACD-08DC-3420-244E-58CBEE759C02) is C of '48' (GUID AD641ACD-27gG-3420-244E-20C0657DD43)


So, the actual string would be:


0D64AACD-08DC-3420-244E-58CBEE759C02 C AD641ACD-27gG-3420-244E-20C0657DD43


or you could make the statement the other way:


 AD641ACD-27gG-3420-244E-20C0657DD43 P 0D64AACD-08DC-3420-244E-58CBEE759C02


Has this been tried / done in The Brain community?




John O'

John O'

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