I've been trying out the Brain for a few weeks and I'm pretty impressed.   If I buy it, l will be using it primarily as a front end to OneNote.   Right now my OneNote files are stored internally. When I want to link to a specific paragraph in OneNote I have trouble.   The hyperlinks are not active inside of Notes.   They're blue, underlined, and point to the right location, but I can't click on them.  So I paste the links as attachments and that works, but then I can't change the name.   One of these is no big deal but together it makes it difficult to have multiple links to a One Note document from a thought. You can't tell them apart.   Even though I am pasting the links in the attachments area they are links. The file is stored in a different part of the Brain hierarchy.

This is off subject, but I would appreciate it if the Brain could interface with tablets a bit better. Ctrl + click is very inconvenient. Having these commands accessible through a right click menu would make them easier to use.  I know that tablets make up a small part of the market and that's a bit of a shame. The Brain is perfect for the tablet. I use it a lot more than I suspect I would on a desktop.  Perhaps within a couple of years tablets will increase in popularity and their features can be given more consideration when it comes to design.

Be that as it may, this is great software, and I hope someone can point me in the right direction for using it with OneNote.
Why can't you change the name of your OneNote links under "Properties and Attachments" ? If you click on the name of the link, then context menu (Left click under Windows), you should get a list of options with Rename. Pick that, and you can then rename the "name" part of the attachment.

I think the problem you are having is that when you just click on the attachment, you are ending up on the "location" side, and you do not want to rename that--- it's the actual URL you need.

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