Hello all -

I am a relatively new user on a Mac, and I'm using the beta test version 5.5.
I just had an idea to create thoughts on some of the utilities I have installed on my computer that I forget to use. I wanted to link those thoughts to the appropriate software. So for example, I'd have a thought called "text expansion," and then I'd link it to the software that's installed on my hard drive so that if I want to use it, I can just click it open from the Brain instead of trying to remember what it was called and searching my hard drive for it.

However, when I tried to do this, and link from within the thought, it wouldn't show me the software icon - just the help manual.

Is there a way to do this?

thanks for your help

In preferences, on the UI tab, is Show Virtual Thoughts for folders checked? PersonalBrain isn't currently able to distinguish package files (applications, rtfd, webarchive etc) files from folders, so will display the contents of the package.

To get around this, you can uncheck the option and it should display them normally (if I'm remembering correctly )

Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
Thank you for the suggestion...but that box was already unchecked ;<(
I tried checking it to see if that made any difference, but it didn't work.

Anyone have any other thoughts?

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