Brand new to this forum. If this question has been answered, my apology, just couldn't find it searching the forum.

I've created multiple brains for difference areas of my life. One of the biggest, so far, is my master library of knowledge (electronic & physical).
As new projects develop, I'll create a new "Project" brain for each major effort. Depending on what I need to easily reference/access for each engagement, I need  to create link(s) from a Project Brain to a specific, relevant section(s) of the Master Library brain or even drill down to a specific "thought" within a section. (Sorry if I'm not using correct PB terminology).

The best I've been able to figure out is setting up an attachment to link to the brain file but then I'd have to drill down to the info needed or already have it pinned on the accessed brain. There's probably an easy way to do this, I just can't easily discern it.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi Lars,

the underlying question here is about the "design" of your Brains and whether you need to have all this info distributed across those individual brains - or not. This issues has been discussed in several threads, the latest one being this one (with references to more info).
So, if it is at all feasible, it would recommend to do one brain. Or, if that is not an alternative (ie because you want to share specific brains with others), consider copying the relevant thoughts from your reference-brains into the project-brain.



Thanks Michael,
Your explanation & link were very helpful. For now I'll take the recommended approach to put everything into one Brain.

As mentioned by others, I'll put on my wishlist a feature to allow a "jump" or link from a thought in Brain A to an associated thought in Brain B. This functionality exists in other apps (i.e. MindManager, Evernote). In their case they do it by assigning a GUID to each node/note aka thought as a unique ID to create a unique URL/link that can be pasted into another app.
Good, glad that it helped. I also found that one of the hurdles in the beginning - just the decision about "design". But in the end (for me) it turned out that is so easy to organize (and re-organize) stuff in there and to find information, that it really only tends to slow down usage if you spent too much time with design. I just dump the info into it, connect it to existing items and from time to time review these to make the linking a bit more granular, introduce sub-items etc.  But I found it more just more productive to do that on-the-go rather then laying it all out beforehand.

Yes, absolutely agree about the "URI-Linking" - that is on my wish-list, too - and, I believe Harlan already sort of confirmed it was on their list, too
TotalBalance--- PB creates a unique GUID for each thought. The trick is that at this time, PB 4 doesn't allow you to create a link inside PB to another brain's interior thoughts. I believe it's a planned feature for PB 4, but it hasn't been implemented at this time, and I don't know when it will eventually be added in.

PB 3 allowed for linking to a particular thought inside another brain, IIRC--- although it only allowed one particular link in a brain to any other particular brain. But it's been a long time since I linked version 3 brains, so I might be wrong on it.

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