In playing with Web URLs and Local Thought URLs in TB8 and comparing Desktop vs. Webbrain behavior of those URLs, I'm getting confused about what "is" happening vs. what "should" be happening. 

1. Local Thought URL present as an attachment works perfectly on the Desktop, but in Webbrain it opens TB9 (sometimes it actually opens the corresponding Brain in TB9, although not to the correct thought). Does the totally different behavior between desktop and Webbrain make sense?

2. Local Thought URL in the Notes field works correctly in Webbrain without creating a new Tab. 

3. Web Thought URL as an attachment in the desktop opens Webbrain to the right place when activated on the desktop.  In Webbrain the Web Thought URL as an attachment opens a new copy of the Brain to the right place. In Webbrain the Web Thought URL pasted into the Notes field opens the right thought but does not create a new Tab. Does the different behavior of the Web Thought URL as an attachment vs in the Notes field make any sense?

Any insight?  (also submitting to support)

V8 Windows 10
Mark ~

Thought you might be interested in Harlan's most recent update in this discussion.

Not sure if this sheds any light on your current questions, but it does point to the direction in which the web client is headed in terms of how local links will be handled online.
Note hyperlinks and their working consistently (in the web client) is under review.  You mentioned that in once case a link is not working properly - pointing to the wrong thought.  Can you share a publicly available example of this?

Thank you,
Matt Caton

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