I now understand (from response to my earlier query) that the search results box is supposed to appear where you click.
It does do that - but (for me anyway) that often means it is appearing close to the bottom of screen.
which in turn means it appears with a scroll box rather than fully extended.
which is kind of a pain! instead of just pouncing on the type I want to set or the thought I want to select, I have to go in and scroll and pick.

It is nice having the box appear near where we click but could there also be a consideration to avoid truncating if there is plenty of space above the click point (hope that is clear!).

also could boxes like that be made draggable? that way if they obscure something we can just move them out of the way rather than closing, re-sizing, re-searching.


Thanks for posting.  Can you please include a screenshot of the search results box appearing close to the bottom of the screen as you have described?  This may help us better understand your feature request and/or find a possible solution.

Also, the search results box and thought creation dialog box are not draggable.  The search results will always be attached to the actual serch box which is permanently fixed at the top of the app.  The Thought Creation dialog box will end up where every you click and drag to when creating a Thought - or, when using keystrokes to create a thought, it has a specific algorithm to follow for the best placement.

Thank you,


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