I am completly new and find it amazingly interesting, I just hope to create some of the brains I have seen online by the users so far...

A question I had.... I dont really like the fact that the software determines the positioning of my thoughts.  I always re-arraange my thoughts based on MY visualize interpretation and personal preferences BUT once i close out and re-open the program,  it just adjusts my thoughts based on its own internal default positioning system...

Is there anyway to "lock" your arrangement so it always opens and is configured to your specific arrangement??

thanks if you could help with this...
I don´t think that this is currently possible but it has been asked for in the past and is probably in PB´s programming to-do list.
Hi ilcaa,

Your request basically has two parts:  one is the arrangement of thoughts, the second is for the system to "remember" that arrangement.

The first part is possible using the "expanded" view.  Using it, you can drag things where you want them.  However, the brain does not remember where you put things, and this has been requested by other users.

For the time being, perhaps you can try using expanded view and see if it helps at least a little?

Thanks for taking the time to respond....

Your right about looking at it in 2 parts.  Expanding it is great but obviously I think we all tweak the layout in order to better fit "our" personal view of our thoughts....but continually readjusting evrytime i add thoughts becomes tedious...

Ill just hope they add it to the upgrade...thanks


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