I'm looking for a way to lock the browser part inside thebrain, so the URL doesn't refresh if I move to the other part of my brain.
I find myself going back and forward between Chrome and thebrain just because I can't drag an URL directly where I want from thebrain browser.

A quick example: 
Doing a research on climate change, I see that the first who talk about climate change impact was Xénophon, a Greek philosopher.
I would like to put the URL from Wikipedia article of Xénophon where it's relevant in my brain.
My choices are; to open the article in chrome, go to the Greek philosopher part in the plex and drag and drop the URL from Chrome to thebrain.
Another possibility is to create a children thought directly from the climate change article for Xénophon, connect this newly created thought to the greek and remove the link from the climate change article... to finally going back to climate change article to finish my research and probably find that I can do the same process over again for another URL in this same article.

It will be great to be able to move around in the plex without affecting the note/Browser view.
A simple lock option on the corner of the note/browser windows in thebrain could do the trick? Something we could easily toggle with a shortcut for example?

Thank you
Just wondering: Does the MindMap view allow you to do what you want to do?

I'm not using (and haven't really tested) the internal browser, but I thought it might be worth exploring the MindMap display until you get a better, more direct response to your question.

Hope this helps!
Hi Emmanuel,

There are a few ways to do this.
  • You can use the external browser as you described.
  • Or right click at the top of the content area and select "Open Content in New Window".
  • Or copy the URL to the clipboard, navigate where you want to add the link and right click on the plex and select "Paste Web Link"

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