In regards to Andreas's Suggestion here:

- I had the notes open in full screen (just the note, no plex) and pressed on the link for another thought. The note changed for the note coresponding to that thought (of course). But now I wanted to go back to the other note and that was not possible until I changed into the plex view and clicked on the other thought. There is a lot of space just above the "Notes" tab to put in a forward/backward button. This way I could stay in the full notes section and go check sth in another note and quickly go back.(i.e. similar to how Evernote works). 

I've been playing with multiple windows, and one of the nice features is the ability to drag out a tab, make the notes full screen and then make the window as small as possible on a different screen.
The above scenario could be met by changing the icons that remain in the toolbar when TheBrain window is shrunk. Currently at it's smallest size it shows Home, Text Size and Sync (nice job on the tab and window behavior when this happens by the way, it maximizes screen space very well [smile])

I think the home and sync buttons could be replaced with the back and forward buttons, it seems those would be more likely to be used in this scenario.

Updated: After a bit more testing I think the Text size and sync buttons should be replaced now instead. When the window size is that small, the text size control won't adjust the size because the horizontal space is too small.

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 7.59.40 AM.png
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119
Thanks for posting that one, zenrain. The icons also disappear when you go fullscreen and full-note.
Interesting use case. I think we will replace the Home button with back/forward buttons in the compact toolbar styles. The text size button is needed in all views and back/forward are smaller than the other buttons in any case. This issue has been logged.

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