A couple of times in the last week I've dragged a file from a Finder window into the attachments pane and lost the file. Visually, the file appears to snap back or bound back to the Finder window but it's not there. Nor is it in PB. Nor trash.

It may be happening when dragging over a file to replace it. It's not every time though and other files drag-drop no problems.

Lastest version of PB on Mac OS X Lion.
dcb, Thank You for posting. The next time this occurs, please capture a copy of your output.log file then send it to support referencing this post. In the mean time, we will run test in our lab to reproduce this issue. Please find the instructions below on how to capture a copy of your output.log file.

How to obtain your output.log file if you are using a Mac:

If you go to PersonalBrain in the Applications Directory and select SHOW PACKAGE CONTENTS in the Finder window, you can find the output.log file in the Contents > Resources > App folder.


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