I've tried to get help on this through support before, but have always been told that I must have done something "wrong" while zipping or unzipping my brianzip.

The basic problem: I create a brainzip from my brain on one computer after making modifications, open it on another computer, and the changes I made are not there.

I always have been following the same procedure: delete my old brainzip on my flash, create a brainzip, delete the (unmodified) brain on my 2nd computer, open the (modified) brainzip. Result: sometimes the modifications I made are not there.

The most recent time this happened was this past weekend. In an attempt to better manage troubleshooting, I have started creating brainzips with the date appended as part of the file name, e.g. "20111023".

I made some modifications on my brain on computer 1, and zipped it into Brainzip1 with the date.
When I went to work the next morning and unzipped it on computer 2 (after deleting my local brain), I immediately checked for my changes - they weren't there.
I went home and unzipped the same brain on computer 3, changes still weren't there.

I went back to computer 1, took the same brain (no changes since Brainzip1) and zipped it again, with a different date as part of the file name.
Unzipped it on computer 3, and all of my thoughts & modifications were there.

Please help! Losing data is the worst thing that can happen to my brain - if I can't trust the system, I can't continue to use it. I also don't think it's reasonable that I should have to check that my changes are correctly added to my brainzip every time.

Please let me know what I might do to troubleshoot further.

I would suggest adding the date and time to the beginning of your brainzip name. Then, when you do a brainzip, immediately afterwards, make a regular zipped backup of the .brain file and _brain folder (dated and with the time). If you lose changes that you made prior to the brainzip, try extracting the zipped data and see if the changes are there.

If the changes are there, it's a brainzip issue. I'd contact support and send them both a copy of the brainzipped file and the .zip file so they can investigate.

If the changes aren't there, then it gets a bit more difficult to narrow down, but it may be a workflow issue, possibly files being overwritten when backing up.
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119
Are you unzipping to a new location?  Be sure to not extract your brainzip over an existing .brain file and/or _brain folder.  This could replace some data, but leave other, older items behind that should no longer be in the _brain folder and potentially cause the types of problems you have described.

Another issue that comes to mind are notes.  Notes are not saved until you either click away from the current, active thought or click on CTRL + S after typing.  So if you type a long note and then immediately create a brainzip - the note you typed in won't be included in the .brainzip file.


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