I am a relative newbie, but I am adding more and more of my life to the brain and I love it.

I have just discovered a problem where I lost something (at least one thing - a child thought with an internal word doc attached). I did not notice the change and subsequently made changes to that brain. A few days later I noticed the missing child and going back to my zip backup I have it again.

But now I have 2 brains essentially the same (99% or more) - now what? How do I reconcile this - I cannot be sure what is also missing so I cannot simply add that missing child to the most recent brain.

I was moving back n forth between my PC and my Mac so I am not sure if that was the problem. So how do I merge two slightly different brains without a ton of duplicates or whatever - help. I have just given up my Mac and decided to be a full PC guy - not because I love one and hate the other - I am an agnostic who has decided to go with the devil I know. Anyone who cannot be frustrated by both or either operating systems is a better person than I. I am hopeful that this may reduce one source of error.

This problem is also worrying moving forward - I do not want my brain to drop stuff randomly which appears to be what happened although I am not absolutely sure of course. After all my Hal 9000 is incapable of error.

OOPS - I was getting back an error message that there was an internal server error implying my post was not going through so the monkey at the keyboard kept reposting - sorry! Monkey will be more careful in future.
You could add all the thoughts of your backup brain to the selection window (easiest way is to run a report on all and add report results to the selection.
Now Copy the thoughts.
Then, open your updated brain (the one with the missing thoughts), paste the thoughts and don't overwrite anything.

Theoretically, this should keep all your changes made since your backup, but add any thoughts that no longer exist in your new brain but were in the backup.

Just make a brainzip before trying.

Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
Thanks - I will give that a try - and oh ya - I zip a backup every chance I get.

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