This is the first time I have ever posted to a forum like this, grace is appreciated.
I am using the Trial Version (Pro) on Mac Snow Leopard  10.6.8.
I dropped Several emails from Mac Mail to PB which created the thought with the drop feature. I then deleted the email from my mac email (IMAP with Gmail on my Mac).  I didn't think to test this first and discovered that the link is disconnected after deleting the email.  (Big Problem for me )
  1. 1. Can I recover the links?
  2. 2. It is very important to how I work to have (GTD) a "Trusted System".  Is this an operator error or is this a function of PB?
  3. 3. Can I move emails into PB database instead of having to leave them in my inbox based on the link that is created by PB (I use 0 inbox philosophy which is nice)? In other words, can I choose to import the file into PB like we can with document links?
Thanks for the Grace and the help
Sorry, I can't test this as I don't use PB on OS X any more. However, going from memory:
If you deleted the thought fairly recently you should be able to go to Edit > Undo and undo the thought deletion. PB only links to the e-mail when you drag the email directly from Mail.app.

There isn't a shortcut that will allow you to copy the email directly into PersonalBrain. However, you should be able to drag the email to the desktop, and then add that as an internal attachment in PersonalBrain.
Depending on your Preferences (under the UI tab), if you have On Drag and drop of files set to Link to dropped files you should be able to hold down ctrl + drag to the thought to add as an internal attachment. If it's set to Move dropped files then you can just drag it in.
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119

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