Using the latest Brain v9 on Sierra, I discovered an odd little error.

I had been experimenting and had created a symbolic link inside one of the Brain's file storage directories (the ones with the really long directory names like "033cc4db-4db2-59f5-b54f-2c3903492de2") to a directory in my home directory.  That target directory was then moved, which meant that the symlink pointed to a non-existent directory.

When I tried to do a sync, it failed with an unknown error because it could not find the missing directory, according to the output log.  When I deleted the symlink, the sync worked just fine.

This is very minor and there probably aren't other people like me stupid enough to try this.  But it might be a good idea to check for this type of error and fail more gracefully. 

Attached is the output.log file.

Thanks for the report. We'll be sure to look into it and document it.

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