I used PB on windows but am now running a Mac. I knew there was a PB version for Mac and I happily looked forward to using PB on the Mac. Since that time, it has driven me a little crazy. Here are my issues. Maybe someone here already knows how to do this stuff.
--How do I drag and drop files into PB from Entourage? It was so easy in Windows with Outlook.
--Where is the insert key? There isn't one on the keyboard so how do I just hit insert to add a new thought?
--How come the F key shortcuts under the thought menu dont work? What about other shortcut key combos I was used to in windows? For example I used to use the shift/delete combo to permanently delete thoughts a lot. How do I do that now?
--When I have a thought with a note and I click on the note tab which I have docked on the right side, it opens grey colored and I cant see the note unless I click on it several times.
--Speaking of that how come I cant dock the plex on the right side so I can drag stuff to the icon and have it go into PB?
--How come there is no guide or documentation on the PB website that tells the user how to do this stuff on the mac version and what the difference in functionality between versions is? i know there isn't because I called and asked about it. After the fact unfortunately.

There is probably other stuff I'm just not thinking of at the moment. It seems the functions I really liked and the reason I bought the software in windows is gone on the mac version. Am I wrong?? I really hope so. Someone straighten me out, please.
--PB doesn’t integrate with Entourage, although there is a request in the UserVoice forum. Currently it only integrates with Mail, Address Book and iCal. This integration doesn't use drag and drop either, you have to use the search function.
--There is no insert key, which is a bit of a pain. I've taken to using F6 for add child, F7 for parent and F8 for jump.
--Shift/Delete should work, if you are using a regular keyboard use the forward delete, not backspace delete key.
--The F functions should work, make sure you enable them if you are using a laptop. I have an iMac, so I'm not much help there.
--That's not normal, you may check your java version, or try uninstalling and re-installing. Or post about this in the Issues forum.
--Yes, this can be annoying, it's a windows only feature. You have two options. Copy the url (command L in Safari to go to the address bar), and then right click on the thought or on the Properties and Attachments tab and choose Paste Web Link.
The second is use Exposé to pull up the PB window while dragging the url, and then drop it in the plex.

Hope this helps. Yes PersonalBrain is still not up to feature parity with the Windows version, but they have come a loooong way since 4.0.
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
Macs are set up so that to enable the function key shortcuts, you need to hold down the FN key while pressing the Function key up top. There is an option under keyboard preferences to make it so that you don't need to hold down the FN key, but then you WILL need to hold down the FN key to enable the use of Mac's volume control, brightness control, and other shortcuts. So you need to choose which is the shorter shortcut. For what it's worth, I put little stickers with arrows on the F6, F7, and F8 keys so I know which is child,parent, and jump.

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