I like to define a template, so that I can easy attach videos to my thoughts.

Mac has the video engine "Photo Booth" on board.

How can I define for the mac an Photo Booth template?
(I tried to use a Photo Booth video *.mov and open the template folder - template - open folder. Than I copied the *.mov file into the PB-template-folder. But if I like to attach a new video, instead it plays the old video...).

Thanks and Regards,

I don't think you can create a video template, as it will just play the attached video. The reason templates work for documents are that you can save a document shell, which it will copy every time you use that template into the active thought.
If you have a video editing program you may be able to save a project file as a template, so it would create a new project each time you open a template, but I'm not very familiar with video editing.
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119

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