Actually the Mac runs hot even if TheBrain is not open. It turns out that it runs processes in the background whether I am using it or not. Killing the process allows the Mac to cool down again. it seems to me that there are runaway processes going on in the background. Given that no one has replied to this note, and given that I see little reason to run software that on the face of it seems to be very badly written (sorry, but there it is) I have removed it form my computer. That's a pity since in the past I have use it a lot.

I've just installed TB 9 for a trial period. Every time I start it the fan on my aluminium mac starts running.TB uses 65% of my cpu and its average energy impact is close to 60. in comparison Safari energy impact is <3 and everything else is <1
It does not seem to be hogging memory, mind you I have 24G RAM
This seems to me to be a non-starter. I can think of no reason why I should use any software that actually turns on the cooler fan.
I would however like to read your comments

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