So in case you are using TheBrain 9 on MacOS and also use KeyboardMaestro, I'm attaching a few Macros that may interest you. Both macros are basically shortcuts for adding thoughts into TheBrain from Safari.

I created a palette for Safari (see image below) that will activate when I press a specific keyboard combination.

Both Macros require you to set a TheBrain 9 Keyboard Accelerator for Edit > Paste as New Thought to ?+?+t (or modify the macros to your own accelerator).

New Thought Under Inbox Thought - This macro will add a new thought under a specific thought in TheBrain based on the URL of the current Safari Tab, then switch back to Safari.
It requires additional Setup before using. Go into TheBrain 9, select your thought and then right click and Copy Local Thought URL. Then go into KeyboardMaestro, and in the macro locate the step colored in Red. Paste the URL into that step.
I have a specific thought I use as an inbox when I want to just get something into TheBrain quickly.

New Thought Under Active Thought - This macro will create a new thought based on the current active Safari Tab, under the current active thought (and tab) in TheBrain. It will then switch back to Safari.

Simple, but it's sped up my workflow immensely.


macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119

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