Ok, so for those of you who have Macro Express, I've fallen off the ball on keeping up with Dyslucksia's macro implementations for Autohotkey. I'm not going to even try to keep up at this point and I can't promise that all (or even a substantial amount) will end up in here, but I will share my current macros and update them as I can.

All Macros are created using Macro Express 3.7. If you use Pro, they can be upgraded.
Many thanks to Dyslucksia for his diligence in creating new macros to aid in PersonalBrain's functionality, and driving the impetus for me to at least try to provide MacEx users with something.

Non PB related Macros
  • Clipboard functions: I didn't create these, they can be found on the Macro Express site. Several things to note. It only works on text, and it removes any formatting.

    (Ctrl + 1, Ctrl +2 through all numbers to Ctrl + 0) will take the current selection and copy it and save the contents.
    (Alt + 1, Alt + 2 through all numbers to Alt + 0) will take the text copied using the corresponding ctrl + number and paste it.
    For example, I select one piece of text and click ctrl +1, and select another piece of text and click ctrl + 2. I can then click Alt +1  and paste the first piece of text, and then Alt + 2 for the second.
  • Default Macro: This requires a small bit of work to get running. First, create the folder C:\!Mnemonics
    Now, in this folder you can drag shortcuts to applications or web sites and playable macros.
    To export a playable macro, select a macro in MacroExpress and choose File >Export > Export as Playable Macro. Rename the shortcut or playable macro to something short and unique. For example, I created a shortcut to the PersonalBrain executable and called it pb.
    Now, with some shortcuts or playable macros in the C:\!Mnemonics folder, click Alt+Space. This will cause a dialog box to pop up. Type in the name of the shortcut or macro, excluding the file extension. In the PersonalBrain executable example I would type pb. Now type Enter. MacroExpress will open that shortcut, hyperlink, or run the playable macro.
    This allows me to hit Alt+Enter, type pbf, hit Enter and automatically open the PersonalBrain forums.
    I'll specify any Macros listed below that I've exported as playable Macros for use with this trigger, as well as the name I'm using.
Exportable Macros
Use File > Export > Export as Playable Macro and export to the C:\!Mnemonics folder. The letters in the parenthesis are what I name the exported macro to call with Alt + Enter.
  • Web – PersonalBrain Download (pbd): Opens the download page for PersonalBrain in your default browser.
  • Web – PersonalBrain Forum (pbf): Opens the forum in your default browser.
  • Web Search – Google (g): Opens another text input window. Type in your search terms and automatically searches Google with those terms.
  • Web Search – Google PersonalBrain forum (gpbf): Opens another text input window. Type in your search terms and automatically searches the PersonalBrain forums using Google.
PersonalBrain Functions
  • HTML Date (Ctrl + Shift + D): Types Month DD, YYYY HH:MM AM/PM in bold, followed by an underline automatically at the cursor point in notes.
  • PersonalBrain – Add Active Thought to Selection (Win + x)
  • PersonalBrain – Close Selection Box (F10)
  • PersonalBrain – Collapse All (Crtl + -): Returns plex to normal non-expand all view.
  • PersonalBrain – Expand All (Crtl + =): Normal view - expand all view.
  • PersonalBrain – Expanded View (Crtl + E): Changes plex to the expanded view
  • PersonalBrain – Normal View (Crtl + N): Changes plex to Normal  view.
  • PersonalBrain – Outline View (Crtl + O): Changes plex to Outline view.
  • PersonalBrain – P&A Window (F4): Opens the Properties & Attachments Window thought you are mousing over, or if no mouseover, active thought.
  • PersonalBrain – Pin Thought (F1): Pins the thought you are mousing over, or if no mouseover, active thought.
  • PersonalBrain – Redo (Ctrl + Y): Triggers Redo last plex action
  • PersonalBrain – Undo (Ctrl + Z): Triggers Undo last plex action
  • PersonalBrain – Unpin Thought (Shift + F1):  Unpins the thought you are mousing over, or if no mouseover, active thought.

Note: Both Macro solutions, Macro Express (shareware) and AutoHotkey (freeware) are Windows only. For a Mac solution, please request TheBrain to implement applescript support and mneumonics (or definable shortcut keys).

Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
Seamless Thought Bookmarking

I’ve just added a set of Macros (file updated in the original post) which will allow you to bookmark thoughts in your brain. Bookmarks are brain specific, so you can set different bookmarks in each brain.

How to use:
Before you can use a bookmark, you must first create it. Activate the thought you wish to bookmark and press win + alt + (1-9). This will define the bookmark for the win + (1-9) keys.  Wait about 3-5 seconds after pressing the key combination, and a prompt box will appear telling you the bookmark has been created. You can overwrite bookmarks by re-assigning the key to them.

To activate the bookmark, choose Win +( 1-9).

Win + 0 pulls up a list that displays all the bookmark numbers and the thought name associated with them.

Because the macro folder is in the \Files location, bookmarks are backed up with a brainzip. To recreate bookmark links if you move PB to another computer, create a new bookmark and it will restore all other saved bookmarks.

It’s that easy!

Requirements & limitations

  • The PersonalBrain window must be in focus when using the macros.
  • Doesn’t work with multiple thoughts selected.
  • Will not work with Tag Thoughts.
  • Using the Auto-hide PB window will go over the top of macro prompt fields so they will be visible when let the PB window auto hide.
  • Requires read and write privileges to the root of C:\
  • Requires read and write privileges to your brain data folder
  • The macro relies on your brain name in the window title to determine the correct macro files to access. Changing the path of your brain data files and or your brain name will break the links.  To fix the link, create a new bookmark, and it will update the path.
  • Files created (all files can be opened with a text editor):
    • C:\Pbtemp – temporary file holding the thought information, deleted when macro ends.
    • C:\PBData.ini – permanent file holding the path to your Brain data folder
    • In your PersonalBrain _brain\Files\macros\macro.ini - holds the information for your bookmarks (thought name & guid).
Disclaimer: Always create a brainzip prior to using macros for the first time. No brains were harmed in the testing of these macro's but once in the wild it's better to be safe than sorry.

Edit: Bookmark macros have been updated as of 7-7-09. Adjustments were made to the method the macro stores bookmark and brain data to make it more scalable.
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
As you may know by now, I found the bookmarking script was so useful I thought it would be in everyone's best interest to port it to a free utility. The original version is in this post. The final version, and one that will be updated in the future is in Dyslucksia's AHK thread here.
After the original conversion of the code from MacroExpress to AHK, I've been working with Dyslucksia to get it ready for prime time. Dyslucksia was kind enough to go through and test it, and make adjustments as needed. He's also been gracious enough to include it in his AHK Macro files, so you don't need to run multiple macro's just to get the different functionality.

Due to the requests I've heard on the forum, I've also been working on a QuickCapture macro. 
In essence, this allows you to capture thoughts, attachments, and websites without leaving your current workflow, and without requiring PB to be open. Then, when you are ready to import your captured thoughts, you use a hotkey to paste all the thoughts into PersonalBrain, to a thought you have designated as your inbox. 
Dyslucksia is going through this macro now, and it may take a little time to get things finalized, due to it's complexity (it has to build a PersonalBrain xml file correctly based on your capture).
Stay tuned.  

Note: The quickcapture macro will be AHK only. Sorry, but I couldn't find a clean way to generate GUIDs within MacroExpress without calling a third party program. Also, with the speed gained in moving the bookmark code from MacEx to AHK, I just can't bring myself to go back.
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
The AHK version of the bookmark macros have been updated (file available in the original post) so they now work with the 5.5 beta. They are also backward compatible to prior versions.

Please note that the hotkeys have been changed to Dyslucksia's hotkey assignments.

They are:
M025] Set, Clear and List Bookmarks
  • Keys: Alt+Win+(1-9): Set Bookmarks
  • Alt+Win+0: Clear all Bookmarks
  • Shift+Ctrl+(1-9): Activate Bookmarks
  • Shift+Ctrl+0: List all Bookmarks

Quickcapture will not be available until after 5.5 is out of Beta as there have been significant changes to the .xml file format.

Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
Just wanted to let people know that there will be no future updates or fixes for the bookmark macros. As of 5.5 bookmarks are available using keyboard accelerators and pinned thoughts.
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6

Thanks for your hard work in providing alternative bookmarks.

I don't blame you for taking a rest from this task. However, accelerators for pinned Thoughts IMO do not make them into proper bookmarks. I've added a few more comments on this subject here. Let's hope these deficiencies are addressed soon.

PB on Windows XP, J-1.6.0_17

At first, congratullations for the work, this macro package seems to adress many lacking features on the (excellent) Personal Brain software!  

Does these macro work on Personal Brain version 6? 

The question is due to these posts dates, which seems to be prior the version 6 release. 

Sorry if the question were already clarified at any other place, i've fastly looked for but haven't found. 


No, since the ability to associate pinned thoughts with keyboard accelerators was introduced in 5.5 I stopped updating the Macro. The macro had to use the PB exported xml to work, and it changed considerably from 5.0 - 6.0, so I'm 99% sure that it no longer works.
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119

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