After I downloaded version 8, which is not much more than a facelift of V7 to me, I was wondering what could make me stay with my Combo subscription. V8 was not convincing. Webbrain integration could be useful because of its integrated sync function, but the ridiculous limitation to attachment sizes makes it virtually worthless for me. There is already a maximum space limit, so if the company is serious about their promises, the attachment limit needs to be abolished. Most of my Brains hold PowerPoint presentations or film clips that can easily exceed these limits, while the combined size of my Brains including those attachments would fit into the Webspace I already paid for.
So either the company should make that space completely available, or, better still, they include a tool that allows us to use our own webservers to synchronize our Brains. That would even enable me to rent a (virtual) server outside the NSA dominion.
But maybe it's just me...
I agree with you completely, Joerg, and I'm surprised more folks haven't expressed concern about this 20G space limitation.

It seems especially incongruous to set this kind of space constraint when TheBrain team is advocating for the use of TheBrain for file management:

I, myself, only recently began feeling confident enough about the stability and reliability of TheBrain to begin storing a few of my files inside TheBrain, and I've already consumed 1/10th of my allocated space.

Now I realize I'm going to have to rethink my whole file management plan.....and I'm very disappointed since TheBrain promised to be the best file manager I've ever used.  :-(

Even if TheBrain Team could offer us an (optional) paid option for using more space, that would be a help.....However, my understanding is that Evernote has no such space constraints at I'd really love it if the cap could just disappear.....

In light of this, I'm also wondering: is there anyone else out there who would like access to more space on the webbrain servers?

[Given the complexity of the sync process, I'm not sure it would be feasible to sync our brains on our own servers, (especially when it comes to troubleshooting sync problems) -- but IF that could be done, it might be another good alternative.]

Thanks again, Joerg, for raising this important issue.

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