could thebrain full desktop version be brought into the cloud through a service like  https://www.apponfly.com/en/vendors

That way we could use full thebrain functionality everywhere......


Thanks for posting. It is not recommended that you sync your Brain database with any other type of service other than TheBrain Cloud. A simple file-based sync does not work properly for many reasons. For instance, many large files are modified in small but interdependent ways when the database is changed. Thus, a file-based sync is not only very inefficient, but also prone to corrupting the database. (When for example, the same database file is modified in two different places at once, a file-based sync will have no choice but to ignore one of those changes - likely corrupting the entire database!)

Additionally, there are factors beyond just the visible data that need to be kept in sync, such as index information, internal IDs that are different across machines, and so on.

This is why DropBox and other file-based sync services will work, but cannot be relied on since they tend to lead to corruption as soon as: 1) Changes are made to the data from more than one place at a time or 2) A sync is only partially completed before changes are made at the receiving computer. Worse yet, the database may only become partially corrupted so that you do not find out about the problem until weeks or months later when you cannot easily revert to a backup.

We recommend backing up your Brain on TheBrain Cloud. If syncing to TheBrain Cloud is not an option for you, a Brain Archive (.brz) is the next best thing. BRZ backups, however, need to be created manually.

Dropbox and other file based sync systems are a great service and they have managed to scale it to a huge number of users, however, syncing files and folders is far simpler than syncing Brains. A Brain is a complex, interconnected network of nodes built on a database backend, it's not as simple as syncing individual files. The syncing of Brains is a highly specialized piece of engineering that we have literally been working on for well over 15 years.

Thank you,
thank you for reply

i wan't talking about the syncing..... I wanted to point out that desktop applications/tools are made accesible through browsers . So they run on a server elsewhere and are synced there like any normal desktop sync........ at least that's how i think it works (just like a full vps but than only one programm)
Another approach: https://forums.thebrain.com/post?id=2085773
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