• It's difficult to know the status of the suggestions: has a feature been accepted and planned? Has it been discarded? Etc. 
  • It's difficult to know how many people would like the feature, which would be a nice thing to know, in order to know which features to support. 
Suggestion: Use a service like Uservoice. Here's an example from the task manager I currently use:

Each feature shows its status, so I know what's going to happen with it. Also, users can vote the features, and each user only has a few votes, so I want to place them carefully where I think they will count. I find this very useful, and may help the team making more informed decisions. 
Great suggestion!

TheBrain actually does have a UserVoice account, but I haven't seen it publicized and I don't know if it is still in active use. I also haven't heard anything about it here in the forums for years.

FWIW, I did find a recommendation to integrate this forum with UserVoice, but this discussion is very old (2012).

Hopefully someone from TB staff can give us an update on the status of TheBrain's UserVoice account, since it would be extremely helpful to:
> see how many people want various feature requests and
> get status reports on whether feature requests are in progress, in the roadmap or no longer under consideration.
Thanks for your answer metta! I see I arrive somewhat late to the discussion 😃

In that thread I read: 

Thank you for your suggestion. We do prefer feature requests be added to, but  I have brought this idea to the attention of our management team before and they prefer we keep this forum open to allow the discusion and promotion of your requests and ideas with us and other users, as the subtext of this forum describes. 

I wonder if this is still true. Is there any way to ping management to get an answer on this?

Also, I would like to let them know that we could discuss the features in Uservoice the same as we do here. From my user perspective, it would be nicer to be able to know what suggestions have been accepted, rejected and so, and the forum doesn't provide that info. 
@Isilion ~

I noticed that (quoted) reference, as well -- and I honestly don't know if it still applies. Fortunately, TB staff are good about keeping up with forum questions, so hopefully we'll be hearing from them soon on this issue.

In the meantime, I agree with you about the value of using UserVoice.

In fact, I expressed concern in the past about the fact that when a feature is missing or (apparently) not working, it is often hard to tell if this feature:
> has been sunsetted and will not reappear
> is broken and should be working or
> will eventually be added, but is not available yet.

Hopefully, more active use of a site like UserVoice could help to bring some clarification in these ambiguous situations.
@Isilion ~

You wrote: "the forum doesn't provide that info"

There is one feature in the forum you might not have yet noticed: when feature requests are documented, they are usually assigned a number by TB staff which is inserted into the subject line on the original discussion of the feature request.

However, "documentation" is simply that (a record of the request) and it is not a commitment to provide the feature in the future -- so even when features are numbered in the forum, the actual status of that feature and the measure of interest in the feature often remain uncertain.

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