Hi all

I'm seeking an efficient way to do a "mass forget" of thoughts.

Context: I have cross referenced a number of IT governance frameworks (ITIL, PCI-DSS, ISO2700*...).
All my thoughts are prefixed by the framework/control set they belong to (eg: COB_DS3.3 - Future Capacity and Performance)
As not every customer need every framework, I need every now and then to remove all controls belonging to one or more specific framework(s).
Until now, I did this by selecting every thought and forgetting them one by one (which is a real PAIN !!)
Selecting them all before forgetting is better, but as I need to forget a few hundreds of thoughts, I'm seeking a more efficient way to do this.

If we had a command line interface, this would be a sort of "forget thought where thought_name="COBIT_DS3*"

Any clue on how to do this ?

Thanks !

PB on WinXP SP2
Webbrain: http://www.webandco.be/it-governance/

Method 1 (v5.5 Beta only)
Since "COBIT_DS3" is a prefix, open Reports (it's better if you can dock Reports on the left or right side of the Plex rather than at the top or bottom, so as to give you a nice long list), set Sort to Name, then look down the list to the first Thought starting with COBIT_DS3.

Click this Thought, then scroll down Reports till you find the last thought starting with
COBIT_DS3. Shift+Click this one in order to make a contiguous selection (including all the ones in between). Then go to the Edit Menu and choose "Add Report Results to Selection." Then, either from the Edit menu or the Selection Box's R-context menu, select Forget Selection.

Method 2 (v5.0 and 5.5 Beta)
Locate them using Advanced Search on Names, putting
COBIT_DS3* in the search string, then choosing Edit > Add Search Results to Selection.

Hope this solves your problem. Remember, once you update your Brain to 5.5, you can't revert it to 5.0.
PB on Windows XP, J-1.6.0_17
That's exactly what I needed !

Thanks for the hint

I'm not sure if I want to switch to anything beta for the moment !
PB on WinXP SP2
Webbrain: http://www.webandco.be/it-governance/

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