What's the worst thing that could happen when you return to a thought in which you only quickly captured a podcast, image, or video link attachment and didn't actually get around to taking notes on the thing as it related to the other thing you had on your mind at the time and you now wanted to share the thing and your thoughts on the thing with a friend!?
Video unavailable!?

Forward progress, halted, at best, and catastrophic demoralization, closer to worst! For whatever reason, the content is gone ... the owner removed it, a copyright claim may or may not be valid, the owner is a de-platforming victim, etc. ... and you hopefully have the video's former title saved as the thought name at least to try and hunt down the content anew. 😢

Enter, a sweet little integration with a tool like youtube-dl which works across a number of different sites at the moment and seems pretty well supported as the services update themselves. What might it take to enable a new feature to expose a few of the media archiving features expressed through a tool like this? ... or integrate the functional concepts natively within TheBrain itself to offer a simple content mirroring experience to automatically protect against the Internet's memory holes?

I've previously suggested an alternative thumbnail media management experience which would locally store and modify image files quite well as they relate to thumbnails. These two features could be tied together nicely with a shared audio/video ingress process of some sort to allow for video bookmarks to serve as immersive thumbnails 🎉🎉

A bit of irony to emphasize my feature request: a brief documentary on trying to save our digital memory, referencing a fun project called the Venice Time Machine
There are all sorts of implementation options for a feature like this, and @ruudhein's Dec. 30, 2017 suggestion TheBrain + archiving (web) is still on the books and very viable for webpage content too. Manual processes of course are an option for TheBrain users as a bridge until future TheBrain glory, but mirroring the audio or video of a remote stream for future reference would sure come in handy these days 👍

Thanks for the consideration...

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