I have PTSD and bipolar disorder, a teenager, and I'm getting my house ready to sell and then move across country into a newly built home. I've been keeping 4 or 5 different written lists on my fridge, with many of the same things repeated on the lists. Every time I would become overwhelmed or distracted I'd think "I need a new brain!" ... now I have one!

Not only does it help organize all my disorganized thoughts, but when I use it in the fully expanded view, I can see if I'm doing unnecessary tasks, or in what order I need to do things.

I'm taking my laptop to my therapist next time, because I know she has other high functioning patients that might find this useful.

SheriP wrote:
I've been keeping 4 or 5 different written lists on my fridge, with many of the same things repeated on the lists.

Now, if only there was a good way to keep Personal Brain running on my fridge! And my car dashboard. And strapped onto the lawnmower. Really, my wife thinks I have a computer addiction, and I have to explain that I'm only as good as my PB permits. How many members here would agree that my claim I need to buy a new tablet PC -- so I could use PB away from my desk -- is more than just uncontrolled rationalization?

Hey Harlan! Shelly! Have you thought of promoting the mental health aspects of a well used PB plex? Seriously, it could be a good vertical. Anybody else got a good testimonial?
Be vewy quiet. I'm hunting wabbit.
I actually did send an email to the "contact" email address suggesting a targeting of the mental health users. There are many tech savvy people with mental illness, and I honestly think it would be a big help. I even suggested it on a bipolar support forum I go to, and I'll probably do a post about it on my blog (guess I'd better add that to my brain!)

Welcome to the forum Sheri - your excellent thread on how you're using PB and why sparks a wealth of ideas. I for one am right there with Tim on the 'oh i need to load my brain up before i can answer that one' syndrome! Let us know back on the forum how it is recieved with others you show it to and thank you for a really inspiring post. Great stuff.

Tim welcome back, since like me you just really need to have your brain strapped 6" in front of your...well, brain then check out my latest pet of PB on the PDA. Right now it's running superbly on WM5.0 which allows me to access a 150GB, 35000 thought brain right from my pocket:

(is that an enourmous brain in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me etc etc)



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Hi Sheri,

I read your blog post the other day and forwarded it to everyone in the company. It's really inspiring to hear that PB has been so helpful for you. Thanks for sharing with everyone! We'll look forward to hearing how PB is received by your therapist!

Thank you Harlan, I received a nice email from Tracy Barr in response to the message I sent to the contact address.

Jim, I used to depend heavily on a PDA, which I did call my brain.  But my poor brain was crushed to death when I got on a ride with my daughter and the operator clamped down the safety bar before I had a chance to move my purse.

Today I'm going to try using a few dates as jumps and some color coding.

I appreciate all the positive feedback.


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