I have2 Thoughts A and B. Each one has 5 Thoughts linked to it as parents. The 10 Links include Types, Directions, Attachments and Notes.
How can I merge the 10 Thoughts as parents to a new one named C, together with the corresponding Links?
If it cannot be, Ι must recreate the Links and put on again the same additives.
In other words, is there a way to copy or move a Link as object, with all the properties except one of the two connections? 
Of course, if the 10 Thoughts were Childward there is the simple solution of copy/paste Thoughts - the Paste in the Plex works only Childward...
No, sorry. I believe it has to be done manually. 
If all thoughts are on screen (and you will probably want to arrange it so they are) you can use ctrl+click on all jump gates, and then with all the jump thoughts collected activate the primary thought and link selection as jump thoughts. Thn rinse and repeat for child and parents. 

You can also open the primary thought note window seperately and then activate the other thoughts and paste the content into the note window (it will stay on the primary thoughts notes). 

Finally you can drag attachments from the other thoughts into the primary thought. 
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119

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