I've read other posts about this - but wan't to emphasize this issue AGAIN:

I am trying to merge two brains, one small one, and one large one – nothing works – I’ve tried merge, copy source brain selection (all thoughts) and paste to target brain, create then import personalbrain xml – NONE of these operations works – they either cause an infinite stall, or throw up this error: (attached image)


Click image for larger version - Name: 2009-09-08_102937.png, Views: 90, Size: 60.66 KB
Ian Goldsmid
Hi Ian, Thank you for the post. After experiencing the failure to merge, please close PB then send us a copy of your output.log file to support@thebrain.com. You can find this file in the directory "C:\Program Files\PersonalBrain". If you can not close PB, please use the task manager to end the "PersonalBrain.exe" process.

Best regards,


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