I know we can merge brains but is it possible to merge thoughts within a Brain? If so, how?
Can you be more specific about what you mean by "merge thoughts?" I'm imagining collecting two or more thoughts in the selection box, forming a single new thought with all the notes and attachments from the collection, and then deleting the collection.

If the above is a good description, PB doesn't provide such an operation. To what thoughts would the newly created "merged thought" be linked, and what would the merged thought's name and label and type and tags?

-- Sam

Thanks Sam

It's almost a good description, with the exception of 'deleting the collection'. Rather than deleting the collection I would want the two thoughts, their notes and attachments, tags and existing links all combined to make one thought. In the process of merging, it would be necessary to choose one or other names (or rename with a new name) and where there is a clash of thought types you would need to choose one or the other.

The question comes about because I'm reviewing my Brain at the moment and finding a few duplicate thoughts serving the same or similar purpose but with slightly different names and locations (it's happened because I started a thought, forgot about it and started a different one a few weeks or months later somwhere else).

From what you say it can't be done currently so I guess it's a feature request now...


This is a darn good item for consideration (TheBrain 7?); not unusual when using large brains to have two common headers - eg: "The A B C company (ABC)" & (ABC) The A B C Company" - if not caught at conception of the duplicate thought - a parallel but not connected series of relationships/thoughts are created - It would be super to be able to merge the 2 parent thoughts into one, keeping all subordinates ....and relationships - feasible?


Thank you for posting. It is currently not possible to merge multiple thoughts, only the contents of Brains as new Thoughts into an existing Brain. We do, however, really appreciate hearing your feature suggestions. I would like to point you out to our Uservoice page ( as that is the best place to submit your feature requests. Our development team reviews this site very often to obtain ideas for future features to implement. Uservoice lets them categorize users feature request by popularity. If your feature requests receive enough votes they can be a potential candidate for implementation in a future release of PersonalBrain.

I use PersonalBrain 3.03 to spider webpages in order to make listings of the directories of some of my online storage.  I then convert them for use in PB 6.  I wonder if there is some way that when I update the spidering I can import the results into PB without duplicating all those that have already been imported.  If I have made no important changes or connections in PB 6, I can of course delete the whole tree and reimport it,  but I would like to be able to create links, etc.  without losing them when I want to update.  Is there a way to do this?  I would have thought that the Merge function should provide the options of overwriting or duplicating already existing thoughts, though I can see that there could be quite different thoughts with the same name that one would not want to have overwritten.

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