It happened to me repeatedly that I discover 2 thoughts that have grown in different areas of the brain but are basically identical. Having an easy way to merge these two thought into one would be useful.
I now make jump thoughts between the two and then reshuffle all the links. Quite some gardening if there are many links...

You can simply link all Child Thoughts of one area into the other. This type of functionality exists already and is one of the major aspects that makes TheBrain great; Dynamic information management. We just had a Brain 202 webinar yesterday that describes this type of reorganization.
Dear Patrick

Yes, I know this functionality. It's just that I had two equal thoughts linked by a jump-connection and thought it would be nifty if I could simply drag one thought on top of the other to merge the two. [smile]
Hi Andreas,
Thanks for that suggestion, that would be pretty cool! Similar to what Patrick mentioned, I like using the selection box to unlink a group of Thoughts at once from the duplicate Thought and then you can just delete the extra Thought after all Thoughts have been moved. 2 quick steps. [smile] You are probably aware of using the Selection box, but just in case here's a quick tutorial

Tracy Barr
TheBrain Technologies

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