This may be obvious, is there a way to merge two thoughts that are the same and keep the relationships of both?
Thanks for posting. Sorry, there's no option to merge two thoughts in a Brain automatically. You would need to perform this action manually.  

Thank you,
Is there a best practice on how to? Like rename one with DELete and then join them with a relationship and then move the other relationships?
I don't know about "best practices", but I have "temp" (temporary) thought type, with a specific color and icon, that I use in these instances.
  • When I find 2 thoughts I want to merge, I change the type to "temp" on the thought with the fewest connecting links, and then make it a child of the thought I want to keep.
  • This allows me to easily move attachments from the "temp" thought to the parent thought, merge the notes, update the links (as needed) and then permanently delete the "temp" thought (Shift > Right Click).
Using this strategy is also extremely helpful when I don't have time to merge the 2 thoughts in question. I simply change the thought type on the thought I want to delete, and then make it a child of the thought I want to keep. This allows me to have a visual bookmark of the "gardening" I want to do later -- and, in the meantime, whenever the duplicate thoughts show up in the instant activation search, I can tell which thought I want to navigate to because of the thought types that have been assigned.

Hope this helps! ÃƒÂ°Ã…¸â„¢â€š

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