I downloaded 4069 and entered a couple items.  After seeing it might be something I want to pursue further, I moved the brain file (and its directory) to another folder so that it would be synched to the office.

Unfortunately, the next time I started PB, it simply hung at the splash screen.  Moving the files back to their original location resolved this problem, but it would seem that there should be some basic logic included to account for this possibility and, rather than hanging, it might simply ask the user to locate the moved files or, alternatively, simply open to a new brain.

Just a bit of feedback on what appears to be an interesting product.


Thanks for posting. Moving your Brain file should not cause PB to hang. You should just get a message saying that the Brain file can't be found. If you don't mind helping out, please repeat the error (I tried but it seems to be working OK for me) and then post a copy of the output.log file from the PersonalBrain program folder here to the message board. This will allow us to figure out what is going wrong.

BTW, what OS are you using?

Well, of course... Now that I've posted this, it works.  Not sure what happened previously, but I had to kill it three times from Task Manager. 

This was XP btw. 

Thanks for the reply.  You may now resume your normally scheduled activities.


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