Hi All,

Since the move from PB4 to PB5 I seem to be missing default website favicons.

Using either IE or Firefox as default, all websites have the normal IE / Firefox icons.  Interestingly i) browser tabs are OK and show the correct icon ii) existing favicons from PB4 all look OK.

Rebuilding icon cache does not fix the problem.

I suspect it may have something to do with work's proxy settings.

Any suggestions?


shinyplastic, Thanks for the post. Yes, being behind a proxy can certainly inhibit PB from grabbing faveicons even when they are shown correctly in the browser. 

Best regards,

Hi shinyplastic,
I can confirm Moe's observation. When I was connected via my company's proxy server, all I got was default favicons. Refreshing without going through the proxy brought in all the right icons.
-- Sam


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