1. and 2.
Please, enable existing keyboard shortcut for "Toggle Selection" also when hovering over thought in column of Search Results.
Purpose: Allow picking single thoughts from long list without need to activate them and then searching again and navigating by scroll bar to last position in list repeatedly.
Indicate somehow visually in Search Results column, which thought is selected and which is not. E.g. very thin vertical dashed line to the left of column.

Allow checking boxes "Selection only" and "Childward only" together.
Add some way to display all thoughts satisfying these two criteria, without further restriction by any substring, e.g. some wildcard. 

Now we can:
• Add Search Results to Selection
• Remove Search Results from Selection
Please, add option:
• Replace Selection

5. - automatically solved by 3rd and 4th request
• Intersect Search Results with Selection
Previous two requests together would allow us to get selected Intersection of current Selection with Search Results (including Childward limited scope),
Equivalent formulations:
Intersection is exact complement of current option "Remove Search Results from Selection"
Keep selected only thoughts matching Search Results
Remove from Selection all thoughts not matching Search Results

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