In the former version of TheBrain, there was a utility to modify the data repertory of all attachments.

For example :

to C:\My_Brain\Professional_Files

This utility is not in the menu anymore. Is there anyway to do this job otherwise?

Thank in adavance for your answer.

The location of internal attachments cannot be configured.

You can configure the location of the brain data by going to Options, Preferences, System, Storage.
  • In that folder, there's a folder called U01 (for User 1)
    • Then folders for each of your brains, e.g. B01, B02, etc.
      • In the folder for each brain, there's a folder for each thought that has at least one internal attachment. The name of the thought folder is the 20-character ID assigned by TheBrain.
        • The internal attachments for each thought are stored this folder.
You can open the folder by right-clicking on a thought in the Plex and selecting "Open Thought Folder". You can even drag files into this folder and they will show up in TheBrain as internal attachments for that thought.

External attachments can be anywhere.

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