1. I understand the individual words in DIALOG_BRAINZIP_ROOT_IS_NOT_INSIDE_THE_BRAIN_FOLDER_TEXT - but I don't understand the entire msg. (How can the file root be outside of the brain-folder?)
  2. TAB_SEARCH_LINK_LABEL_TEXT - I take it that this does refer to the label that was given to the link between 2 thoughts. So where is this txt actually used then (I haven't been able to bring up a dialog or see a field in the Search-Tab where I could search for a label's text)
  3. What exactly is a "Web friendly attachment"???

Hi Michael,

1. DIALOG_BRAINZIP_ROOT_IS_NOT_INSIDE_THE_BRAIN_FOLDER_TEXT   = This Brain cannot be zipped because the file root is not inside the Brain folder.

This message appears if the files for a Brain have been configured to be located outside of the brain folder itself. This is not currently possible, but an error check for the possible future enhancement is already in place.

2. TAB_SEARCH_LINK_LABEL_TEXT                    = Link label:

This text is used to denote search results that show because the searched for text appears within a link label.

3. A Web friendly attachment is an attachment that will display natively inside of a web browser (without the browser requesting an outside application). I think this means HTML, text, jpg, gif, png, currently, but it may change in the future.


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