Hi I just noticed that it's possible to undo more than the maximum of 10 Undos displayed on the list.

I just pasted 20 thoughts into the plex but then realized I'd attached them to the wrong parent. I clicked Edit - Undo and undid the 10 most recent changes by clicking the one at the bottom of the list. I thought that's as far as it goes, I would have to fix the rest myself, but then I clicked Edit - Undo again, selected the next 10 and the job was done.

The manual doesn't make this really clear though it says up to 100 can be undone, so I just thought I'd pass this on. The only problem is that the list doesn't name the thoughts to be undone, so you have to guess a bit before you click and hope for the best!

Bruce D.
Another way to get to the specific entries would be to use the reports tab and filter for the correct modification date.

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