I purchased the upgrade to 7 Pro a few minutes ago and have a question regarding  the Terms of Use. As far as I can remember you said on these forums that you would be able to use TB7 on more than two computers. As far as I can see the Terms of Use are unchanged (using the link provided when I downloaded the application). Since it's possible that you havn't updated the terms yet I thought I'd ask:

Can we use TB7 on more than two computers now? (I really need to use it on three computers (home desktop, home laptop, work laptop))



EDIT: Solved! In the terms of use for the beta itself (shown on installation) it now says that I can use it on four computers, not two. Great!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  We'll make sure the Terms are updated in all possible locations.  Enjoy your Brain in 3 locations! 

Thank you,

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