This is a thread on thebrain's uservoice forum to make an old idea more understoodable.

see here:Traditional Table View and more 

Below I commented on that thread,on top of the original text. 
"While we are using personalbrain in a inter-connected way, sometimes we need a traditional table view

Here I recommend a view object to be connected to Thoughts, when one of the Thought is activated, the corresponding view shows in another layer of Plex. The views can be timeline, flowchart, table, Logic, positions in a image, even another part of the same brain(another plex) and more...(you can post new view types following this thread). The final aim is to make good use of various kinds of views to present knowledge stored in a brain." 

In human history, people have invented numerious ways and techniques to present information,most of them can be combined into PersonalBrain. 

  1. colors:
    Which, unfortunately, not available in PersonalBrain, mostly, as I think, is due to performance reason. Here I mean we can't set different colors for different parts of a Thought Name.
  2. calendar,

    available in PB,but a bit shy, it can be made more accessible by introducing a hotkey to show the calendar right beside the plex. We won't need to click-click-click.
  3. tables,

    not available in PB. Tables have been used to present relations(relational database is still the most popular type among others in commercial market, PB is built on relational database too).
    Imagine a Periodic Table of Elements in PersonalBrain? You can edit any cell of the table and link it to a Thought.
    Perhaps I am a bit misleading here(Periodic Table of Elements are more like geo-maps: see below), Here is a commonly used table, being used to list and compare information.

  4. geo-maps,

    not available in PB. We can link areas in a map to different Thoughts in a brain. Similiar to image map in HTML. (see:
  5. books,

    not available in PB. Is it crazy to make a book-like view in PersonalBrain? If it is done, it will be a super-dynamic book. Table view, geo-map view,hyper-text(see below) and all the following views can be included,in continuous pages, I'd like to buy and sell such ebooks.
  6. hyper-text(html),

    Seem to be available in PB as Thought notes. But no links to Thoughts in brain. So again, a possible feature in the future PB.
  7. printed knowledge maps,
  8. timelines,

    no available now in PB. But highly rated here:Timeline.
  9. stickers,
    already available as Pins.
  10. logical reasoning,
    How to present logical relations(because.....,  ....) between Thoughts(which can be facts,statements,numbers,...)? The link in PB is too general. We need to make our link types to present this. But for a series of reasoning to reach a certain conclusion,we need a link-filtere Plex.  Why not just create a new view type: logical view. We can put reasonings between Thoughts and learn a whole reasoning in a snap.
  11. VRML,

    Possible walk into the PB brain via VR hardwares (see: to a laptop?
  12. Panorama

    human made,super-large images.see:
    similiar to geo-map, but larger image may require a totally different scheme to navigate, something like Google Earth.
  13. ........your advices!!!......


Too much for thebrain guys to work on? We can do it, as long as API available.

Another relevant thread posted on uservoice:

Project/Workspace on left/right sides of Plex

Most of the above ideas trigerred by this thread:

Windows XP,JRE 1.6.0_13,PB
Great post!

My votes:

1. Logical reasoning [10]
2. Tables [3]
3. Hypertext [6]
4. Timelines [8]



Not using TheBrain anymore. Switched to Roam Research.
Great examples of how these different view could be used.

I vote for:
1) Timelines [8]
2) Logical reasoning [10]
3) Geo maps [4]
4) Tables [3]

I think these would be the most useful to me.  Of course, being able to filter the data each of these views would be applied to is an essential requirement.  (i.e. If I switch to timeline view, I probably don't want to see every single thought in my brain on the timeline, only a selected/filtered subset of thoughts.)
Actually, you CAN do a few of these---

Timelines, Geomaps, and even Periodic chart can all be done.

Just use a custom wallpaper and a SAVED (EXPANDED) VIEW.

You can ALSO do tables in the Notes.

More ways of presenting data is good. But we have a few--- they just aren't automated.
Thanks for the work arounds.

It will be nice if a wallpaper in a expanded view can be saved inside the saved view. Otherwise it will  a disaster to load custom wallpapers again and again,since we are not going to work only with one image(wallpaper here).

A better idea may be context-sensitive wallpapers, i.e. a wallpaper attached to one Thought or a group of Thoughts.
Windows XP,JRE 1.6.0_13,PB
Good afternoon,

For timeline:

  • With a new pane (like calendar, tag, notes, etc) called fe Timeline
  • Reuse of the plex code  (= second plex)
  • New algorithm for representing timeline thoughts
    • Horizontal: time (user can choose in centuries, years, months, .... or automatic)
    • Vertical: parallelisation of thoughts
and then this issue is solved.
Do I think to simple?



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