I'm starting to wonder if I have some kind of corruption in my instance of PB4.  The latest display behaviour is as follows:

In expanded mode.  Set to centre automatically.  Dragged the child handle to create a new thought.  Typed the new thought and hit return.  Couldn't see it. Used search, and it appears in the pop up list, so I know it is there.

When I looked closely at the plex, it had been created in tiny letters and was hiding under the previous current thought.  See graphic...

This is the first occurence of this problem, but I normally don't work in expanded mode.

Edit: I also found that after this problem I couldn't switch back to normal view.

Edit: exited PB4 and went back in - created a new thought OK. 

Am running XP SP2/Java 1.6.0-b105/dual monitor, PB4 on secondary.

Should I uninstall/reinstall?


I don't think reinstalling will help with this issue. Can you recreate it? I tried following your procedure and had no problem.


No.  It seems to have been a one off.


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