Using 5.5.06b, I find the mouse wheel does nothing in 'Normal' mode, moves the plex up and down in 'Outline' mode, and expands or contracts the thought spacing in 'Expanded' mode. It does nothing in any mode when the cursor is over the active thought.

I have 'Mouse wheel resizing' checked in UI Preferences, but it seems to make no difference if it's checked or not.

Dragging the resizing circle behind the active thought works OK, but isn't nearly as convenient.

Is this a known bug, or is there some trick to enable mouse wheel resizing?
In normal mode, resizing with mouse wheel is activated when the large resizing circle is bright green (i.e., your mouse is hovering over the circle. Resizing with mouse wheel is also activated when any one of the active thought's gates has a "halo" around it which occurs when your mouse hovers over a gate.

Hope this helps,
-- Sam

Unfortunately not. It doesn't work that way here (on my work PC and my home PC, both running Windows XP), it only functions as I described previously...

Just in case you're using a Microsoft Mouse with the Intellimouse drivers, PB doesn't fully recognize the wheel in all contexts; I reported this previously (http://thebrain.websitetoolbox.com/post?id=3585489&highlight=intellimouse).

In my case I wanted the plex scaling in Expanded View, which can only be done with a mouse wheel (i.e. no keystrokes), so I was forced to put a different mouse on my Vista system.  It works okay in Windows XP, but Vista introduced a new "high resolution" driver which apparently requires the developers to "do something"; that's may be why only some parts of PB were affected.

Of course, you may not even be on Windows, but perhaps the mouse driver (outside PB) or the mouse handlers (inside PB) could matter.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  I did a bit of testing and was able to replicate the issue of the mouse wheel resizing feature not working.  I was able to get it working again, by switching to EXPANDED VIEW, resizing using the mouse wheel, and then switching back to NORMAL VIEW. 

We'll have our engineers take a closer look at this feature to make sure it is behaving properly.

Thank you!
I'm on Windows XP, using a Dell machine with a standard Dell wired optical mouse.

I can resize the plex elements by dragging the green circle in any display mode, but the mouse wheel only has effect in Expanded View, when it rescales the plex (moving the elements closer or further apart) when away from the green circle.

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