I would like to apply an icon to a type. This will cause thoughs with that type to have that icon, unless they already have one. I rarely assign icons to thoughts, relying on the first image attachment instead. So now I would have to move set the image as icon on a bunch of thoughts and I wonder if that can be done for more than one thought at a time
Using: Evernote | FilterizeDynalist | InstaPaper | Liner | PrintFriendly | TheBrain v10.0.50.0
Not sure I understand your question, Ruud, since:
> we already have the option of assigning images to types as icons and
> a thought type with an icon can be assigned to multiple thoughts at one time.

Could you please clarify?
No, currently just one thought at a time except when inheriting icons from Types.
macOS 10.14.5
TheBrain 10.0.51
If "a bunch" means 10's of thoughts you could:
• assign a temporary image to the type, something easily recognizable and unique
• select the type so you see all the thoughts of that type
• manually update the thoughts that have image overrides, as zenrain said
• reset the real type image
The only minor benefit is that you would be able to visually identify which thoughts have icon overrides (because they would display with something other than your temporary image)

If "a bunch" means 100's of thoughts, and if you're braver than me, you might consider:
• backup your brain
• via any means, add thoughts of the target type to a selection
• copy the selection as outline with notes
• evaporate the thoughts(!)
• paste the outline back into the brain, linking to existing thoughts
• bulk assign the type to the newly pasted thoughts
• realize that by doing the above, you've lost attachment links
• revert to your backup, muttering all the while that you knew it was a bad idea

As a long shot, AutoIT or similar may be able to loop through a selection.  It's still the one-by-one approach, but on steroids.


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